【PANJIT】PANJIT Launches New Bridge Rectifier GBU-2 & KBJ-2 package

Maximum current rating leading in the world

PANJIT introduces two new bridge rectifiers, GBU-2 and KBJ-2 package, with 4A to 35A, 1000V standard type diode rectifiers, there are fourteen products released. Our new package has the latest structure with excellent heat dissipation due to its thermal design. Optimal bridge diodes for applications which require large current and high power operation, especially 35A design is leading in the world. All products with matte tin platin by standard packing, qualified by UL and Halogen free cetificated.


PANJIT owns vertical integration capability and IDM design technology. Our business scope covers wafer design, manufacturing and packaging to sales of our own brand. PANJIT continues to invest resources in innovation and R&D, enhancement automation, optimize manufacturing workmanship; related products are MOSFET, SiC diode, FRED, bridge rectifier, Schottky diode, TVS, ESD and BJT. They are devoted to EV, wind power, solar power and UPS energy storage systems, through active deployment in the global market and marketing strategies. All products are certificated by ISO 9001、IATF 16949、ISO 14000、ISO45001、IECQ QC080000 and ESD S20.20. We expect to increase our Influence on the environment, with a commitment to reduce global carbon emissions and will be an advocate for the industry toward low-carbon sustainable development, in order to achieve carbon dioxide emissions to Net Zero by 2050.


derivation:PANJIT introduces two new bridge rectifiers, GBU-2 and KBJ-2 package