【PANJIT】Gen. 2 SGT MOSFETs, ideal for brick power DC-DC converter topology

PANJIT launches a series of Gen. 2 SGT MOSFET targeting to provide efficient design solutions for DC-DC converter topologies in brick power modules. This Gen. 2 MOSFET is a 100V SGT series with 18 parts of standard level and 17 parts of logic level. It is assembled in power package as DFN5060, DFN3333, which is suitable to use on various brick sizes.
Different from Gen. 1 SGT MOSFET, PANJIT applied new know-how on our second generation SGT MOSFET wafer, which enables us to generate the lowest gate charge and RDSON in the industry, creating excellent FOM to optimize various topology efficiency. Furthermore, as this series comes in various package type and due to the product characteristic, DC-DC converter systems that require low FOM and high voltage MOSFETs, such as industrial power, and telecom power are also suitable to use PANJIT’s GEN. 2 SGT MOSFET.